I offer freelance writing and editing services. Contact me at andrewcollinswords@gmail.com for rates and more details.

Professional writing:

Grassroots Pulse (political news and analysis)

Creative Resort (freelance copywriting)

Zulily (e-commerce copywriting)

Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity (marketing and political journalism)

Public policy op-eds (published by year):




Personal writing:

RedFence (film, book, and music reviews)

Humane Pursuits (essays and faith)

All Things Go (music interviews)

ConcentricityFM podcast (arts, culture, and conversation)

Patheos (film reviews)

ACwords (personal blog)

Mic.com (political and cultural commentary)

Other published works:

Just an art teacher? No, much more (Bakersfield.com)

When Does Wanderlust Become Selfish? (Relevant)

The Church Needs Your Humility, Not Your Criticism (Relevant)

Our Inalienable Equalities (The Daily Caller)

How Art Moved Me Beyond the Cliche (The Gospel Coalition)

In Defense of Hamilfans (Humane Pursuits)

Modeling Patience in a Digital World (Humane Pursuits)

On Washing Dishes (Humane Pursuits)